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So this friend of ours has been flirting around with a lot of girls lately. First of all we dont like the way he looks at girls. It's like all he wants is attention from as many girls as possible. It started when he broke up with his girlfriend (a very nice and kind girl) in a very cruel way. Then at the next party he kissed a lot of girls - including my friends ex. His anger went at me instead, no fight so far. Then here, an hour ago he also went to second base with another friends ex. The problem is that he doesn't seem to know what he is doing. We are considering two things: Either we confront him, even though we know he won't understand or change, or we just freeze him out immediately.

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  • Don't even talk to the dick, he's just looking for attention doing all this, just ignore him.

  • I had a similar experience with a friend who's girlfriend left him. When he turned from "I'm single, time to get out of this funk and meet new people", to just using women for their bodies - cruelly, too - we could all see it, but nobody wanted to act upon it, thinking he's snap out of it in time. Leaving him like that worried me, so I threw a one-man intervention; told him how we saw it, where we thought this change was coming from, and why it needed to stop before it became a habit. It helped, honestly. The fact that we were concerned enough to reach out made the difference... but in this he was heartbroken - in your's it sounds like he underwent a change himself. Maybe you need to hear his side of things; what instigated the change from 'decent boyfriend' to 'cruel abandoning womanizer'.

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