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I am 27 and I always get asked if I am 17 or 18 years ol'... I always get hit on by guys younger my age and that's kinda embarrassing and I see guys who are in and around my age doubting if I am even an adult before approaching me... I feel sick to my stomach when boys as young as 17 hit on me who are like for god's sake 10 years younger to me... :( :( :(

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  • i am almost 22 and look like i'm 16. so i relate. u should be happy cause when u will be older than 30 u will look as good as a 20 year girl. at least this is why i am happy. look at the bright part. :)

  • Give it five more years and you'll be getting 20 year olds when you're over 30, I wouldn't say this is a bad skill in any way!

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