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I kinda have trust issues. I don't tell my relatives anything. It's because my brother was mocking me when I would, my mom would get super excited if I told her about a crush of mine, my cousin -with whom I'm pretty close- also mocked me when I told her about a serious thing that had happened. Anyone else in my family, Idk why but I don't tell them serious stuff or I change them a bit and don't tell the whole story. With my friends... I also don't tell them very serious things because I've been mocked my a lot of them for things I've shared. I do tell them little things, eg if I like a guy (but not very much). But I don't share with them things like this time when I went to a friend of mine (with whom I started hanging out in the end of the school year and 2 of my "friends" started saying that I'm in love with him because we were hanging out a lot) and we played some songs in the guitar together. And now I haven't told anyone but a girl I trust more than others about the guy I'm in love with

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  • same here, though more because I hate getting the ''believe in yourself and just do it" kind of advise from my family

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