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i started dating another guy after breaking up with my boyfriend, now this other guy is in an inpatient drug treatment program. Im stil totallyl in love with my ex. Other guy is a gorgeous, tall dude. my ex is a total dork, not as good looking. I cannot talk to thr guy in treatment, he'll be in there for a month. ive been cheating on him with my ex. I told my ex I want to get back together with him, I have no idea how im going to tell this other guy when he gets out.

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  • "Hey other guy lets break up"

  • Dated my ex for a year before breaking up, Treatment guy and I only have technically been dating for 2 weeks. this new guy isnt even really thatgreat.. he hardly talks to me and just kinda seems like a douche. I feel i have started an unhealthy relationshio with him and wish to be out of it. the only reason he is in treatment is because its court mandated. He'll be right back where he was once hes out. \: I regret even getting with him, and want to be back with my ex who actually cares abiut me.

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