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For ME, as an ex of my 1st bf, if you are an ex you have to cut ties with your ex, in the first place if you want to be still close to each other then why broke up?, esp. If one is already in a new relationship, that is why there are many situations like, "we are friends now, but I still feel something for him/her" "I can't move on." "I am using our friendship to still feel what we had." Etc. ever heard of moving on? Don't get me wrong, being friends is ok, but don't deny that the attraction will always be there or the feelings, so to avoid problems/pain/getting hurt just let go. You won't leave each other anyway if you really love each other, unless you have to separate for valid reasons that's another case and topic.

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  • Some people can cut the tie and move on, but some people have tried to cut the tie and move on but they always come back. I know you cant move on unless you let them go, but all the people who hold onto an ex and get back together know that some people are worth letting your heart stay attached. True love will never leave no matter how hard you try to forget about it If you are still in love with an ex and it has Been years, its time to think about a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance. Years have past and people change. Your heart will always let you know who to hold onto and who to let go.

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