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I try to be independent. just try to. im scare to be alone. but i have no one so i try to be everywhere alone. try to do anything alone. i have so many responsibilities especially to my family. got a boyfriend but he just so selfish and never be with me when i need him. i become someone different. i dont want people to know my problems. i love now to be alone even actually sometimes not. i always thinking about suicide. so many things and now, i dont know.

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  • i have been in the same place. some strange pride prevented me to tell the people i care for about my struggles and problems. i didnt want to burden anyone especially since they struggled heavily, too. dont let this burden pile up on you. talk to your family. the will appreciate your trust and sharing your worries will help, although it is hard to make the first step. and talk with your bf. tell him about your worries and what you expect of him. if he cant or doesnt want to consider your needs and situation he may not caring as much about you as you deserve and maybe its better when you part with him

  • find out what actually makes you happy and do it, and please PLEASE do not make the wrong decision (if you know wht i mean) before talking to someone special to you ok. it'll get better :)

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