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Once I was waiting for my mom after a meeting with my therapist (or what ever I should call it), I sat on a bench outside the building where I had my meeting, waiting. Earlier that day I had been out with my class in a forrest so I didn't have the nicest clothes. So as I sat there I heard some kids (3-4 girls around 11-12 y/o or younger) walking towards the bench I was sitting on. Suddenly one of them said: ''Why is it a homeless person here?'' I just ignored it, but then I heard one of them walking closer to the bench (I had my back towards them) and suddenly I feelt something wet on my cheek and a flowerish smell, followed by laughing. That little s!it had sprayed me with parfume in my face. I got so shocked that I didn't do anything, I just sat there and stared after them as they were walking away.

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  • I'd smack the shit out of them

  • Wtf. That is what happened when kids aren't disciplined or spanked in the ass. -_-

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