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For once i'll let it happen, for once someone treats me like a princess, like the most important person in the planet, he's so sweet , caring, sensitive, it doesnt matter if i dont have feelings for him, those i had feelings for always treated me like crap, i think i lost the abilty to love, but for once i'm enjoying being loved, and i'll try to be as caring and loyal too, even though.....i feel nothing

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  • It's great that you think you deserve someone to treat you right because everyone does! But your other half deserves the same, and to have someone who actually loves and cares for him rather than someone pretending because they think it's what they deserve. I've seen this happen before, and it will end in you hurting him whether you mean it or not.

  • its good to be treated like a princess, but taking someone for granted is inapropriate, why not treat him as your prince? dont make it hard to him, sometimes people get tired on what they are doing without a return of love.

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