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I just wanted to have him realize that maybe he was wrong to keep the identity of the person who told him I was having sex with everyone. That person was my friend. Why would they want to hurt me like that? Now he treats me like a fragile flower that would be crushed that he can't come over and play video games because he's out doing other things with other friends [gasp of horror] and he thinks he can't swear around around me [he SWEARS like everyone els on on this FUCKING PLANET!?!?], or tell me that he has a doctor's appointment [such scandal]. Is this because I'm a girl? Because we've been like siblings since we were little? Because I'm too sensitive? Or does he even know he's doing this?

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  • I don't touch or talk to girls that often because I've been exposed to too much about guys getting in trouble for hurting girls, and that I can't hit girls, and Arabic girls can't talk to guys or they will be stoned.

  • He probably assumes your in a tough patch in life and doesn't want stress you out more.

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