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I have a real problem with going to a public park and standing in the tree line I take my clothes off and I expose myself to female women.I would do many things to get their attention I would either slap my inner thigh or I would make sexual noises to get their attention they would look at me with nothingbut discussed and they would run I have a real problem, i can't help but to expose my genitals to females.

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  • You need to watch yourself cause one of these days you will be naked in that very tree line in that park and the women that you are flashing will one day group together and hold you down while one of those women will end up cutting your dick off and leave you for dead.

  • Even -if- you have these pent up frustrations, go seek out therapy. You might be scarring people emotionally by your actions. As a fellow guy, lets make sure they -want- to see our dicks and not just shove it in their view.

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