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Wondering what to do. My husband doesn't make any time for me anymore. It's been over a year since we've been on a date. We have sex maybe once a month or every other month. Is it me? Sometimes he's so hateful the way he talks to me or the kids that I cry myself to sleep at night. He used to be so thoughtful and loving and hrs changed so much. He didn't even give me a card for my birthday, mother's day, or our anniversary. I feel like I'm stuck because I am out of a job right now and even when I was working I didn't make enough to support myself and the kids. I just don't know what to do. I cannot talk to him because he's so hateful and blames me for everything while not accepting any of the responsibility. When he's not working he does nothing but sleep literally sometimes for 2 or 3 days at a time sometimes more... Kid you not, he will get up only to use potty and eat. He doesn't try to help with anything around the house. When we put new carpet in the den and painted it stayed messed up (entire house) over a month because he started it and would not finish. My oldest daughter and I do all the house chores and everything around the house we can possibly do, but sometimes we just need a mans help! I want the husband I married back and the respect/ love he used to show me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm NOT looking for any bashing... I have enough of that at home.

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  • to be honest... a man wants a confident woman.. i am a man, and went trough a similar situation, i stoped loving my wife because she stopped being confident and looking after herself. he might be cheating... every man wants sex, where does he get his... im sorry for being harsh but you have to step up, get a small job, or anything, and stop cleaning up after him, his a man, show him that its a 100% commitment. i really hope it works out well

  • Also aside from the other comment, try to pamper yourself, stop stressing out.

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