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I like this guy but I'm starting to get insecure cause I slept with before we became officially together. I've been burnt in the past by guys who had said they will still talk to me then didn't (this guy has said that he will still talk to me too). I don't want this guy to quit talking to me either. I'm starting to really like him which is partly why I become insecure. I don't know how to stop it or change, I try to distract myself but sometimes it does help.. I just want to be happy.

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  • Be happy, but look for the reason why they stopped talking to you. If they were attracted to you, you've got NOTHING to worry about. The point is you would've scared them afterwards meaning you have to do some introspection to point out what you should fix in you. Talk to a sibling about it, and ask them an honest answer. Take the answer and fix it!

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