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I skip most of my meals. . It starts when my brother lost 20kg (44 pounds) and now he is thinner than me, but he only lost that much weight 'cause he developed Crohn's disease. I was really fat before, and know seeing him so thin makes me feel fat again, even when people say i have to get some weight. It may sounds stupid and I understand, but I can get a bite when no one's looking... I only have lunch 'cause my mom makes it, and if i don't eat she'll be worried. Two years ago, i'd say that bulimia was a really stupid thing, but we only understand other persons problems when we have someone that look a like ):

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  • Best way to lose weight is have like 8 small healthy meals a day and work out. You're body won't store fat and you'll get in shape in no ti me

  • Skipping your meals wont help you get thinner, it asks your body to eat itself. In other words, you're not just getting rid of fat, you're getting rid of tissues...You should simply eat better and more to burn this extra fat or energy. Hard you would say? No, cut on sugar 100% for 2 weeks and see the results for yourself. Drink more water and voil√†!

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