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I'm bulimic. EXTREMELY bulimic. I don't know how to get better, I don't know if I want to get better. I think I would rather be dead than fat.

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  • easy.eat spot but healthy. try a vegan diet. I've never been on a diet in my entire life(don't believe in it)but I have eaten healthy for 8 months and it made me really skinny. I eat alot by the way and have fast metabolism

  • Eating more better food will have your system burn fat alot faster darling. Consider this: eating more and I mean more healthy food will demand alot more energy from your body thus burning the extra fat for the energy stored. Rejecting the food doesnt make your body lose fat (it does a bit) it makes your body keep fat from survival instincts and digs he proteins in your muscles and food wherever else it can. Please reconsider, I'm sure you'll get out of this situation. Don't ever let go.

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