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So this is how my brain works, im a grown woman and ofcourse i want to be in a relationship and be loved. But two things make me lose interest. Either when the man drags the commitment thing for too long, till he ends up just seeing me as a good friend and nothing more, i knew a guy i liked alot it's been a year and he tried nothing so i moved on. Or the man is too clingy and needy from day one, really just we talked for just one day and he ll be drowning me in unrealistic compliments, a week goes by and he already confesses his love and talking about out future, texting and calling 24/7 saying he had dreams about me, focusing on nothing but me, saying i'll never ever let you go, im really trying to find a nice way to back off without devastating him. Im more of a logical woman i dont fall for too much romantic teenagers crap. I like a man who is emotionally mature and stable. Why do i only meet the distant jerks or the clingy sad ones.

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  • HA HA HA.. your time will come when the perfect man sweeps you of your feet and he might not be interested in you.... its work, not a fairy tale

  • What would you do in their situation?

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