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This guy I have hooked up with a few times quite a while ago suddenly decided that he wants to be committed after he moves to a different country and said I should promise I won't sleep with anyone else for a year (cause that's when he'll be back to visit) and claims its not just the sex, that he wants me. And I'm okay with all that, I don't have a problem with not having sex for a year because its not like there's someone for me to have sex with anyways, but the part that I'm confused about is how suddenly he wants to commit. Does he want to commit or does he want to commit to me? Does that mean we're unofficially in a relationship (I don't believe in long distances, though) I'm pretty sure I can commit to him but does that mean I like him? And what happens if I move to where he is, cause there's a chance that would happen in the next few months. I have asked him all this but I'm not sure if he's serious or not. I've never been in this position before!! I just had to let it out here cause I don't talk to my friends about my relationship with him and its just too weird

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  • Confirm things with him, so that you'll have peace for a year, who knows what he meant?

  • That is weird. I'd talk to him and get some clarification before you break up with him.

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