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I feel so bad right now: about two months ago I met a guy online. We started talking, met once, kissed a few times and he spent the night in my apartment (but no sex, just cuddling). Soon after I realised I dudn't have feelings for him and suggested we should be friends. He didn't get that at all and started stalking me, coming to my door, saying he loves me and following me around. I was afraid he would appear at my graduation party next weekend (he had said so), so I panicked and lied I had to spend some nights at hospital because of a throat infection. I got caught and he got very angry and sent an e-mail to my mum saying I had just left him and lied all along, which isn't true. I feel bad for lying at all but I didn't know what to do with such a stalker! Now I'm scared he'll find me and I have no udea how get rid if him.

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  • Kill him off <3

  • Hire some hard pipe-hitting niggers to break his arms. It'll cost you about $500 but you'll sleep like a baby.

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