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Yesterday i got served divorce papers at my work. I filled them out and cried in the bathroom.

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  • Its all still foggy to me like a tornado has ripped through my life. We were both jehovahs witnesses and on the outside our life looked perfect. When i no longer wanted to just follow blindly the teachings of the church and began to think for myself. I got kicked out of the church. My marriage fell apart because my husband chose the church over me. Everyone shunned me. They turn their back on me on the street. Even my own mother has told me she will not speak to me or see me until i come back. It has been 1 year and a half now. I knew the divorce was coming but to have to smile bravely after being abandoned by everyone who i thought cared about the real me while at work and to have to sit there at my desk and still get my work done was one of the worst moments of my life. There is nothing more lonely then being served divorce papers and no having even one person to turn to for comfort.

  • It's sad when people get divorced, "Till death do us part" is what you both said at the altar, a lifelong promise that is broken all too often. I'm sorry for you.

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