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I constantly buy my girlfriend jewelry, dinner, clothes, movie tickets, or anything she wants. I refuse to let her pay and she thinks it's just because I'm one of those old fashioned guys. In reality she doesn't realize everything she's done for me and how she's stuck by my side through everything when everyone else turned away. I just feel as though by showing her how much I care and spoiling her rotten that maybe she'll see what she really means to me.

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  • Let me tell you, I had a boyfriend a bit like this. Unless she's a gold digger, buying her objects means nothing because that's all they are: objects. If you told her this it could mean the world and she would really know how much you appreciate her. Continuing to buy her things may end up making her feel like you think she's a charity case, or that she's too stupid to be able to get a job to buy them herself.

  • Tell her this, that will mean a lot more to her than all that stuff you buy

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