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Last night, a housemate had a few friends over for a BBQ. This morning, I woke up to find grass all over the floor in the kitchen & the carpet in the living room, dirty cutlery on the carpet, sausages left out overnight that I had to throw away, various things just left outside, and plates covered in grass (next to the biggest pile of washing up ever) and a generally filthy kitchen, and the washing machine I need to use still full with clothes from the morning before. I cleaned up nearly all of this (including having to wash my feet after cleaning up the grass because my feet were actually brown from the dust and dirt), and the response I got wasn't thanks, but a couple of passive aggressive comments about 'someone' cleaning stuff up and glares for asking that next time he has a BBQ (tomorrow) there be less grass.

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  • That's why women become lesbians.

  • Throw the jerk out

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