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I'm an 18 year old male who just graduated from high school. At the beginning of my senior year i weighed 210 lbs . My goal was to lose weight and get as close as possible as 170 lbs (that is my body mass index wight i am only 5'6). At first i hated it myself because I couldn't lose weight so i stopped eating. So about every month I was losing 10 lbs. My wonderful gf at noticed I was losing weight and she kept complimenting me which drove me to eat less and less because I want her to think i look good. I told her i stopped eating and she got really mad at me saying i was going to hurt myself by not eating everyday. But i want to look good for her, so should i keep with my "diet" or should i stop. Just a fyi on the gf thing she is like way out of my league. So people thought she was fake and guys keep hitting on her so that is why i wanted to lose the weight.

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  • eat like a deer

  • By small I mean like an assortment of fruit, a sandwich, a salad, an egg, a cup of pasta.

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