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My sister and her boyfriend spoils my 10 year old niece so much that they feel spankings aren't needed for her smart ass mouth. How they reward her? They get her a iPhone! ! At 10 why the hell should a child have one. I voice my opinion but it doesn't mean anything, im reminded that im just an uncle and nothing more and even that means nothing. My mother bought her a lovely gift and the next day my niece destroys it and says oops. My sister's parenting sucks.

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  • My brother bought his ten year old a .22 rifle for his birthday. An iPhone sounds safer to me

  • They suck indeed. I don't know... if you have a rule there about children so that they can't spank her?, bring the child here, and she'll learn how to act properly. :) I am glad I grew up with spanking in the right places.

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