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call me old fashioned or whatever, i'm sick and tired of this new trend in guys, the i'm too shy and awkward , and the girl should make the first move. seriously why? i'm 29 all my young life i was brought up to the idea of the man making the first move (society crap i know) but i'm a shy girl, i suck at flirting, i can't read all the confusing signs guys send, if you don't make a move i just assume you are not interested, seriously grow a pair just gently grab your crush and go in for the kiss. that's when you know you're a friend or more, i guy did it once for me i had no feelings for him i rejected him nicely i didnt freak or inslut him or anything, he moved on with his life and we re still good friends, see he s not broken or dead, nothing happned to him, .if you're gonna confess your love..you stand way better chance by showing action and not just tell. simply sweep her off her feet, be a man, only the brave soldiers win,

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  • What are you talking about guys signs are confusing

  • sorry I dont wanna be call a rapist. so I usually Just ask them out first like a date or something after being friends with them for a while. but you know thats just me

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