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Iv been dating a girl for 2 years. I love her so so much, but the last few months after I got a new job things have been getting rough. We never have sex, she complains about things I haven't done around the house even though I work 40+ hour weeks and walk to and from work to save money. And the worst thing is even though I listen to her and try to do nice things for her, she never stops talking about herself not even enough to hear about my day. The sad thing is if she would just let me talk and not get mad at me for interrupting her 100th story about the fridge at work or her dad, she would know I have a crush on a girl from work...and its tearing me apart, am I a monster?

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  • Make up your mind, if I were you I'd choose the crush, cliche? But yeah, you'll never find a time to have a crush on someone of you really love your gf, we all know that every love story started with one crushing on another or both. Just break up with your gf, since you don't feel good anymore anyway.

  • I'm no cheater. I would never do that. I just really love my current gf even if things are rough, its really hard for me to have another crush. Its howbi knew things were bad. But I don't have a lot of people to talk to about ot

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