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So the girl I love never listens to me. She gets to talk about her day but she always interrupts me. We haven't had sex in like a month and a half. And now she's mad because iv got to work during a family funeral of hers, one that has already been dome once...its like funeral number two for this guy( not to mention the all of one days notice). I love her more than anything, but iv got a crush on a girl from work and I don't know what to do. Especially since the girl at work seem to be taking a lot of notice in me. What should I do?

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  • Okay look, first be fair, you need to talk to her about this, tell her how you feel or else don't expect this to change. If it doesnt change and she doesnt get it and doesnt want to work it out.. you should then tell her that you feel bad about this.. give her a hint that this might not work out... and eventually if things still go wrong just break up.. I advise you to keep a gateway for that girl who likes u .. don't flirt.. but like let it be and dont push her away cuz things might not work out with your girlfriend anyway.. maybe you just feel like.. the attention is nice and all and u miss it with your gf.. then again I am in no position to give actual advise and Im jus sayin what I think might work (:

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