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Last night i had an accident with my parents car. I wasnt drunk (when i drive i never drink any alcoholic beverage ) neither was speeding, It has been raining so the track was wet. I lost the control of the car and it hit the sidewalk making the car front axle to break. When i called my dad he was very compreensive teling me to calm down that it was nothing serious, The importing part was that i didnt hurt myself or others. When he told my mom her main concern was if the car was very damage, not if i was ok or not. This is the proof that she doesnt give a shit about me...she never has.

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  • Well maybe if your fat head didn't totally ruin her vagina on the way out she'd love you more. The episiotomy scar is still there!

  • I'm just trying to lighten the mood but maybe they are bros. The order of questions should always be what'd you hit, is it destroyed. Is your car ok, and finally are you ok. Barney Stinson says so lol

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