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Confesster feels like home... maybe because I can relate to a lot of people here that it makes me feel not so alone.. i like it (:

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  • confesster is a great apps.. hahaha.. no one know who u r.. and u dont know who r giving u opinion n comment.. n thats what i think as awesome stuffyyy. hahaha. 😁

  • There is nowhere else like Confesster, you could say this stuff on other websites and get ridiculed, or be further corrupted in the manner you seek help in. It's the first place on the Internet I can be myself, and all I want to do is help people. If I can't help people, then there are plenty of others who can, which stops me getting frustrated that I can't help. Everybody is truly unique, but my time on here has shown that everyone is less unique than I thought, and a problem shared will soon be a problem solved.

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