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My personality is compatible with everyone.... that everyone thinks of me as a great friend, sometimes it's a bad thing cuz i dont wanna be friends with EVERYONE ._... I'm a girl, I love video games, I play soccer, and good at it luckily, I watch it as well, I love sports in general, I'm hot, I'm mature in a relationship as in not like every girly girl out there with the whining and the hidden clues, I love to cook and bake, I speak several languages, I'm kindah funny.. yeah the list goes on but the point is... it's not so nice being liked all the time... by everybody.. because I have trust issues and so I always push people away.. sounds vain but... meh

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  • If you're actually talented and as awesome as you claim to be, then you wouldn't be alone. I can't speak multiple languages, or play sports (my boyfriend really loves sports), I don't like video games that much except my DS and my humor is very sarcastic and corny, i hate baking and i'm not the best cook in town (my boyfriend pretty much does all the cooking) and yet I have a boyfriend, why because I'm not a stuck up bitch. Bragging about all the shit you can do is probably why. My personality is compatible with everyone??? Ok yeah right. Grow up. Somebody out there hates you and that's ok.

  • You bitch should be happy people got here on confesster because depression and stuff

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