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So im in this longdistance relationship with this guy, he is really a cute a good hearted guy, i guy i always wanted but the problem now is that i never had those kind of relationships before,being so far away from each other, so the thing is im always afraid that it won't work and with those thougths i always ask him stupid questions like are u sure u want this or are u sure that u love me, he gets mad when i ask questions like this cause he says that he really loves me and he will do everything to get togther soon as possible, but the big BUT is why can't i trust him.. Why always those wrong thoughts, i think i will destroy this relation with this even if i don't want too, :(( but i don't know what to do, i love him so much and i don't want to lose him

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  • heey its me again... i was awake the whole night thinking about all this.. it was a rollercoaster with ups and downs but you are right,why should i eat myself up from the inside to the outside, i didn't do anything wrong, i accepted everything, i was the one that gave everything, i still will but not for that Guy anymore.. so yeah i keep my head up and still looking around for mr.right... so if you are out there knock on my door cause i will let you in :)

  • sorry guys for not keepin you up-to-date today..kinda was crying to much..things got worse..so i wrote him and told him that i love him and told him about my thoughts and that im afraid of losing him and you know what happend, you know what he replyed it was this --> HAHAHA .. he fucking laughed, of course i was confused and asked why, he than do u really think that this would work,do you trally think that i love you :((((((( i was pissed, i was sad, i was angry and i was disapointed and i still am..you know it was so hard for me to trus people,now i finally thought i found the right one,which he was really, but i guess he won an oscar for the best actor...this broke me.. i don't know what to do anymore, IM LOST. :(((((( but thank you guys for giving me such good advice and i think its better that i know the truth now.. love all of you..

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