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I will get alot of hate for this opinion, but i noticed that some guys who complain about and suffer from being rejected all the time they usually try to go for girls that are out of their league, either he is overweight and tries to get a really slim or athletic girl, or he has no financial stability and instead of fixing that he wants the girl to just accept it, or he s not that attractive and chases the really hot girls, then they get rejected and hurt. Why not be real, me as a woman im very cute so i dont aim for model type really hot guys, just normal ones who care about their carreers who are cute share same interests, because i'd like to feel emotionally and fonancially secure with my future partner. Im always working on improving myself, i study all the time, i got a great job, i'm addicted to going to the gym, im financially independent, i know how to be alone. So why instead of saying all women are shallow bitches, why dont you just work on yourself first? Keep it real, work hard, be healthy, and things will eventually work out.

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  • you girl... will get what you deserve, and you should aim a bit higher.. if you are the smartest or best person in the room... you are in the wrong room!! great advice and its good to know there are real people here.

  • Girl, you nailed it!! -coming from a fellow woman with the same problem and opinion :-)

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