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Now that I'm over the initial shock of having to leave my boyfriend of 2 years, who I thought I would marry and have children with, I have to say I feel a sense of calm washing over me. Tonight I left him because he got drunk one too many times and called me names and was just this mean, awful person. He locked me in our bedroom and wouldn't let me out when I became hysterical. I can't believe I put up with feeling worthless for so long. It's going to hurt, but tomorrow I will be happy knowing I did right by me. And him? Well, he'll have a nasty hangover and this sinking feeling that he just lost the only person to love him. And he'll regret every drink.

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  • I did this once to my GF then... not locking her up or calling her names, but being drunk and having "fun" with my mates. The look on her face when we got in the car..... I left my friends just there and then and realized what a jewel I have. stopped drinking, and started to party with her, putting her first!! and wow... she is so much more worth it... now married for 3 years and never looked back... don't sit up with someone that is not your best choice... not worth it

  • I know exactly how you feel.I left my boyfriend of two years because he started being a dick to me after one year but I put up with him because I loved him do much. But now I realized that I'm better off without him because gee still never live me as much as I ever lived him

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