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For a long time now I've been trying to understand myself. A evident lack of empathy, love, sadness, depression and several other emotions got me a bit worried, so I tried working on that. It has taken me years to figure outwhat I am SUPPOSED to feel in certain situations and act as though I do feel them...I don't understand rules of social behaviour nor do I fully comprehend the principle of morals. The only reason I seem somewhat normal is because I've learned to become something of a social chameleon. Basically i force myself to feel specific emotions towards others and different situations...tuth is most of the time I feel nothing but indifference except for the ocasional concern for myself.

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  • maybe you're a nice psycho. use it. not being able to feel is a gift and a curse.

  • I love how you just put my thoughts in words. I'm kinda the same, wanna hear what I'm doing? When I meet new people I also try to act 'normal' like everybody else. When I get to know those people better and make 1 or 2 close friends in a group I tell them about what you just wrote, usually they get me. It's always a big release and after telling them I feel much more free to just be myself, sometimes weird, sometimes not fully understandable for others but I don't care cause I know my friends got my back. And when I'm truly myself I'm getting much more respect and recognition from others who I couldn't approach while acting 'normal'.

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