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Life is a beautiful thing. There is no tomorrow, there's only today. You're never sure if you'll live another day. That's why you should put everything you have into relationships, projects, and most importantly your life. Don't take life for granted, you're here for a reason. A lesson your soul has to learn in this phyiscal world. Praise life, embrace life. Show compassion for one another. Take a stand for what you think is right. Why? You might not be here tomorrow. Because there is no tomorrow, only today.

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  • There are three days in a year. Yesterday, today and tommorow. Yesterdays gone. Tomorrow hasn't come yet. Today is now and is the only day that matters. Excuse me for this shitty analogy of a chinese or japanese wisfom. But, I have to say, drags me out of my depressed state of mind. Thanks for the wise words 14994.

  • You made my day

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