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I think that I dont love my bf of two years anymore. I think it started with him pressuring me into doing anal with him. It is disgusting and it hurts. I study in natural and medical sciences and i know what bacteria can do to you when getting in places it shouldnt. We fought for months about it. Until i started to give in fearing i would lose him but everytime he just touches my "hole" during sex i start crying. He doesnt notice though. It went so far that i not just try to avoid having sex but seeing him. And he is constantly bitching about it. But i cant....i cant do it. Even if this was the only problem..but it isnt. Sometimes hes talking to me as if i was a retarded dumb little kid. And tries to manipulate me into someone I'm not. He made me break up the contact to my best friend and all the other guys back from school just because they are guys and i was dumb enough to do it. He doesnt know that i regained contact to my best friend a few month ago...but what should i do? I need someone to talk to who understands me. Of course i dont talk about my relationship problems with him but the whole rest.. I tried breaking up with him in february but he just didnt let me. Right now Im sitting in my old room at my parents pretending to study for the exam on friday just so I dont have to meet him...There is absolutly no way for me out of this situation.

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  • First of all you don't love him. Lose him. Ask your best friend gor help. Ask the cops. Ask your parents. Do something. Its your life.

  • You're studying medicine and you can't even see that you're in an abusive relationship?!? Wow. OK< stop seeing this asshole, and don't date anyone else until you gain a bit more emotional maturity.

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