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I feel kind of bad for even thinking this, but I'm choosing to be honest. It pisses me off that my mother "likes" almost every single thing I post to Facebook. Seriously. In my mind, it feels like pity on her part if it hasn't been "liked" by her, and I don't want pity. It truly makes me angry when I get the notification and it's just her again. Parental support is fine, but this is pitiful and stifling. I wish she would stop, or at the very least have some self-control. It's getting to the point where all I want to do is post things that I know she won't like so she'll stop.

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  • Tell her that you don't want her to like everything you baby

  • Or fix your settings so she wont see your posts. Or this is even better: grow up and stop whining about stupid facebook

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