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I live in constant fear that my boyfriend of two years, whom I love very much, might leave me for a more outgoing, adventurous girl. I'm a pretty straight forward (almost boring) girl; I hate going out (so I spend a lot of time at home cooking or reading or playing video games or messing about with my dogs), I've never been drunk/smoked/done drugs, I study a lot, I've only dated one other guy and I'm still a virgin. Meanwhile, my boyfriend's done it all: the drinking, the drugs, smoking, the one night stands - I'm like his fifth or sixth official girlfriend. Now he doesn't do much, apart from the occasional joint or bottle of whiskey. He says he loves me and he wants to settle down, but he's only 22 - there's no way he's going to give up that carefree, unpredictable lifestyle just yet. I don't know what to do. He means so much to me, and yet I feel like I ought to distance myself because there's heartbreak coming my way.

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  • you sound like a great sheila! :) he'd be a fool to leave you

  • Maybe you will be that girl, who changes him for good. :) Don't give up, you never know, but when things turn bad they gonna hurt anyway so why not keep doing it till it's possible?

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