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My brother has a girlfriend, my mother said she wasn't serious about him and that she would make him unhappy. Over the course of two weeks I checked every single thing those two wrote to eachother. I read his messages on fb and his cellphone, manipulated him in saying things to her and encouraged him to overthink his relationship. I treathened the girl to stop being bitchy or else I would make sure the relationship would stop.I got as far as making her believe that I was all present in every aspect of his life and that I could see everything he did. To make matters worse, my brother was always anrgy with my mother because she as well would encourage him to end the thing. I reported everything to her to make her feel right. She told me to carry on. I wanted to have a friend hit on her t see what it gave. I looked at it as a job, I have no regrets. The well being of my brother is more important then privacy.

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  • you people have no boundaries and need to find lives outside of sabotaging each others new relationships under the guise that you're doing it for "the sake of the family" ugh... inbreeding creeps

  • You are not a person. Your mother is not a person You are monsters. I hope you die soon :)

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