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I had a boyfriend while i was 14and hewas 17 i knew him while i was 5 and at the age 14 we started o date he never pushed me or even asked to me foe anything sexual but we had many things in sexual and we were also very close mentally too because i was much more older mentally we dated for a year but then i had to go for another city and at that time i broke up with him because i thought we wouldnt be able to work things out with a long distanced relationship he begged me to not brake up and suggested many ways i just said no and broke up with him we didnt talk for 3 whole years we just heard about each other from our common friends then lasg year he died and i will never be able to forgive myself and with each month passes through i just cut a new little cut on myself next to the tattoo i take for him watch the blood flow and cry myself to sleep because i think that is the only way how i can pay this

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  • Please, use interpunctation. That's almost irreadable.

  • You're sad because you were raped as a child and he had to stop?! You're messed up.

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