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I lost my job, and i have no luv in my life, im felling very lonely.. and lost. When u think things couldn't get worst, they get!

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  • Hey I'm out on the streets since i can't get a new job. so hang in there. :-)

  • Well, I've written a few advices in the past hour and it is late so I am not thinking clearly enough. But I have been in a similar situation so I want to help you. Forgive me if it sounds awfully generic. In life you may find things you like and you might cling onto them for a brief moment. But after a while you begin to grasp reality, realizing they were all just materialistic and of no particular meaning to you and society. You keep searching for new things, often times unconsciously, and finding new pleasures. Or at least so you thought. When you think back on the decisions you've made and the steps you took, you start to expirience a lot of emotions. It is easy to imagine, a cluster of emotions, of memories from the past that are keeping you self-conscious. And just when you think you've seen, heard and felt it all... But why are you still here then? Why would anyone endure a broken heart or a miserable city job from which you eventually get fired? Quite simply, it is because you know there is opportunity. You sense there is much more than what you've seen. And the only single thing stopping you is self-doubt. When you are lost, remember how you stayed alive for this long and use that knowledge to improve yourself further. There is no going back but it is also impossible to vanish into thin air. So if you plan on staying alive for the next couple of minutes, days or years, you better make something out of it. Wish you all the best, Mateo.

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