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I broke up wit a girl who means the most to me ... and now shes moved on ... is it wrong if I try to get her back ... shes my first n only love I don't even look at n e other woman in the same way

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  • It's not wrong to try to get her back, she's probably waiting on you! Don't worry about what others say to you, I think you have seen that a mistake was made and want to correct it and want the love of your life back. There's nothing wrong with that. (side story- the guy I love broke up with me, I've tried to move on but I never felt the same way like I felt about him. It has been years and I really want him back, and just scared I may never get that second chance. I know I should speak up and say something but waiting for him.) So in my opinion I say its not wrong to want her back, go get her! She could be waiting for you! Think of the best, prepare yourself for the worst, and take the chance! Don't sit around wondering what if when you can change everything. If its true love, she'll come back, I promise. (keep updated I wanna hear what happens :))

  • You broke up with her, and the expect to have her back... I don't know, but maybe that is kind of selfish... But it's just my opinion

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