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As someone who used to have a carefree-single man lifestyle (for 10 years with a good income - I'm 34). The carefree life is amazingly fun, but only AT TIMES. During all that time, I was single because at 24 I decided that "relationships weren't my thing"...truth is when I was 21, I was in a short/ passive aggressive/ self-esteem shattering relationship that destined to screw every single relationship after it, one that turned me into the most insecure shadow of a man. It took me 10 years to build my self-esteem back up, leveraging strongly on my work...but I wasn't going to wallow in emotional pity...So I decided to have fun, and I did...I had a 10 year lasting bachelors party...it was a hell of a ride...with all the ups and downs. However..I and it got old, and soon...the things that made me think I was awesome, started to make me feel like a man-child and not proud. Soon after that, I felt ready to open up, and 9 months after I met an amazing woman in a working trip abroad. She was a breath of fresh air and unlike any other woman I had met before...this one didn't scare me, she was interested in ME, even after telling her everything about me. We had a 1 year long distance relationship, you could imagine it wasn't AT ALL easy for either of us, because we both had tough trusting issues in relationships, regardless we kept each others emotional safety with care and always told each other how we felt. All trust - No Manipulation - No Drama. After a few trips to be together, we decided to get married and are getting married this december. We're living together now and it feels great to be in love with your best friend. Of course it's not easy, we both have our quirks and have to COMPROMISE...nothing is perfect when a “team agreement” is good when only one part of the team is happy. I still love to party, she’s not much of a party girl…however, every once in a while, WE go out to have fun…and we still get to keep all our friends. I finally got it!! the carefree lifestyle stops being fun when you're missing someone to have that fun with. For example...she has never smoked pot, I do occasionally...so SHE decided to make pot brownies, just because it’s something I enjoy. She didn’t like it so much, it’s not for her…but she doesn’t get upset if I continue to do it…because she trusts me!! She doesn’t want to “save/change” me, she wants to share with me. And that inspires me to be the man she deserves. I love the way she looks at me, she always has this smile like she’s thinking how happy she is with me…that’s priceless and energising! This isn’t a story with a learning or sharing my life experience to say “there’s hope” or some corny statement like that..it’s just a confession… I confess, that after thinking for a long time that I was destined to be alone and imitate a Charlie Harper (but way way toned down) or a Barney Stinson persona…I’d be awesome…I WAS WRONG. I confess that the only person standing in my way to really give being happy a chance…was always ME…and now I know my life IS awesome. I love you Babe, thank you for helping me find my smile again…you make every place with you…Home.

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  • what an amazing happy end! Good luck you too!

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