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My (now ex) boyfriend cheated on me with my (now also ex) best friend. I discovered this after the break-up and not even from her. I have dreams of beating her up and thoughts about it that i don't even care if I end up in prison..

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  • Something more or less like that happened an year ago. And I was almost married. I changed all my life to be with him, because he lives in another state. We were together for almost 3 years. It wasn't easy. For a long time I wanted to hurt him and her, the same they hurted me. I got depressed. But I decided to something about me and never feel so unvenerable again. I started to make therapy. Best decision ever! Now I'm happy with myself, and happy that I didn't marry someone like sim. And 3 months ago a met a wonderful person. And I'm starting to believe in love again. Don't give up! They don't deserve you! And if you learn to love and respect yourself, you'll find someone who truly deserves you! ;)

  • He so not worth it

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