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I'm in love with my best friend who I purposely sabotaged our friendship because my soon to be husband wouldn't find out about him like that, I feel sick to my stomach knowing my best friend thinks I'm a liar and a piece of shit, and I feel even worse because he's the only person I've ever felt so comfortable around but the man I'm with is basically holding my family wanting nothing to do with me and my friends slowly drifting away because i can't see them having moved far away against me so I really needed an excuse to cut ties until I figure out my life and situation, I went from really happy with myself, self driven, motivated to depressed, unhappy, and loathing life and I don't want my best friend to see me like this at all. Or anyone. No idea what to do

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  • Don't you wanna be happy? It doesn't sound like you're gonna be happy with your soon-to-be husband. Maybe your best friend feels the same way as you do? And maybe he doesn't, but isn't it better for you to be happy? I think you should start taking control of your life and focus on what makes YOU happy.

  • How come you cant explain that situation to your best frind? if hes so conforting and a good listenener he'll simply understand.

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