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I'm talking and still trying to work things out with my ex but also I have huge feelings for this other girl we are way to much a like to not be attracted but we both have significant others I'm technically single cause I just feel I should be with the other girl or a girl I connect that we'll with ugh why are relationships so hard I just want to meet a girl that's a hippie beautiful funny nice silky a dork loves the outdoors likes to bike long board or skate likes to smoke bud and hookah like hackie sack camping hanging out music and most of all likes me for me

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  • I'm with the guy below. Just be single. If you don't know which one to choose, better be alone for some time. Be straightforward with yourself. If you no longer have great feelings for the first girl, it is unfair to both of you to try to make this relationship work. Set her free... Let her go. If you're not sure that she is the one, let her be the one to another person, and understand that this is your struggle now, she doesn't have to suffer any consequences. And about the other girl, if she like you, she'll come to you eventually.

  • First of all, make up your mind, stop trying to work things out if you have someone on your mind, that will make things more complicated. Stay single, and wait for the right one. If the 'right one' is the one in a rel. right now, who knows he'll leave him for you, just give it time.

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