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i know this may not be a popular opinion since it is the new trend to hate her, but i love lady gaga. I love her because she has helped me with a lot of things in my life and her music although meaningless to many really kept me going. i admire what she stands for and i admire her as a person. Im straight so anyone hearing me say this would automatically label me gay but it is the truth

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  • Lady Gaga is amazing. She's beautiful, she has an amazing voice, and her musical talent is very good. Sure she wears weird stuff but who cares? People walk around public in fursuits and no one cares about them. She's also a very sweet person. She even bought a bunch of Michael Jackson's clothes and stuff just to protect it and preserve his memory. Being a huge MJ fan, I really admire her for that.

  • Ga-Ga oh la-la!

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