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Im not sure why I put it in funny category, or maybe its quite funny though. So, like usual I drag my self into impossible love. Im in love with my gay friend, then my married tutor, and now what is going worse, oh yeah I like the priest on my church. I even gave him a cute nickname, of course he will never know. So now with unpure intention I come to church every sunday, only for see him. I feel so nervous if he looking at me (myb just my imagination). I still not dare to meet him personally, shake his hands or anything, even though I want to do that, I just afraid what if my face turn reds when Im talking to him. It would be really shame for me

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  • Do you want to change that? Because I have an advice - go to therapy. That's what I do. I figured that liking impossible man is caused by a fear of being desired. Now I'm trying to figure out why I have that fear so I can meet a "regular" person that can like me too and I won't be afraid of that.

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