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Everyone you meet is never random, coincidence, nor by accident. Wether you love them, hate them, or want to be them, they're in your life to teach your soul a lesson. A lesson you can only learn in this physical world. You pick everyone you meet, your mother, your father, your siblings, that person you smiled at yesterday for no reason. It all has a deeper meaning for your soul's journey. You may wonder why I picked my parents? Why did I pick my siblings? It's so your soul can learn and grow. That's why everyone is here on earth. To learn lessons we can only learn in this physical world. Once we have learned everything our soul needs in this physical world, we return to where we belong. This may be hard to believe, hard to understand, but soon you'll see. Eventually we all will.

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  • and that's why I'm gonna marry my best friend when I'm 24

  • Everybody has a reason to be where they are at a moment, be it travelling, working or relaxing. It is purely coincidence that you and someone else are in the same place at the same time. You don't get to pick your parents or siblings, of you're lucky they get to pick you. We serve our purpose then we die. 0.7 seconds for the nervous system to discharge, then we just become ash or fertiliser. All memories are lost, all that's left is your legacy, your potential children, your work, but only the living can enjoy it. We live to make it better for those who are alive after we die, not the growth of our souls.

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