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I feel so unloved and left out. Growing up my parents would attend my older and younger brothers' sports days and concerts. They came to one of my sports days to buy pancakes, after my items were done. There were photos of my brothers on the walls, none of me. Even now there aren't any photos of me in the house. My mom would drive my older brother to classes, 70km from home three times a week. My dad would take my younger brother to go watch sports, play golf with him. I had to arrange my own transport to university every day. They never took me anywhere so I could pursue my hobbies or passion. I've stopped caring long ago, did my own thing. Yet it still hurts knowing my parents didn't really care about me when I was growing up.

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  • I'm sorry mommy didn't love you enough. Let this be a lesson and treat your own children with love and equality. Now move on with your life

  • My younger brother is cleverer than me, no doubts about that. He was part of a school band on his saxophone that put my recorder skills to shame. In contrast, I excelled at hockey, but support for males in the sport ended after that year for me. In this time I learnt to be independent, and now I'm envied by my brother, because I taught myself guitar, I'm following my dream of going to university, and the thing that annoys him most of that I can eat as much food as I like, without gaining weight. You're a good individual, prepared for life where you need to look after yourself, whereas your siblings are not.

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