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I want to be free. Happy. Love myself. Carefree. Wear nice clothes. I want to be pretty but I don't to be sexy. I don't want to expose my skin. I want be independent and successful. Do what I love. It seems like my journey is still long. It feels like impossible. To all poor people and those in hardship out there, I will always remember you. I understand how hard life really is.

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  • are you in prison or something? if you're not,then everything you said is really easy to achieve.

  • Go for it. Be free. Your journey started long ago, is time to change gear, hit the gas and speed past those in your way. Dress comfortably, dress smart, make your own success. Stay grounded and be realistic with your aims, so anything except visiting the moon without a helmet will do. Don't forget to enjoy life as well, it's pointless if you forget to enjoy it.

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