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For about 4 weeks I've been eating much less, only 3 times a day and 2-3 fruits if I can't stand the hunger, like today that I was about to vomit and pass out. But for a few days I've been eating fruits, vegetables and, some mornings, milk. In a month more or less I've lost about 7 kilogramms, but I don't feel any changes. My double chin is still huge and looks awefull, so does the rest of my body. I feel awefull about it and I haven't told anyone. And my friends continue inviting me to go swimming and I don't know what to tell them

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  • Sticking just to fruit won't help, the best diet and plan Ive found (used it to lose 10-15 lbs sorry about conversions healthily) is to have one egg for breakfast, fruits veggies and a sandwhich/granola bar for lunch, and a small amount of past for dinner (like .5-1 cup). Again sorry about the conversion. Now if your not having Dailey 1.5 hr workout obviously cut out say the granola bar/sandwhich at lunch. But do workout at leat 30 minutes a day.

  • you need also to workout , to toe and firm everything up

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